New Snow At Gunstock New Year’s weekend 2017

Sara at top of Upper Trigger

12 inches of powder Friday morning made fantastic ice free skiing Saturday. Parking lots were packed but lift lines were amazingly short. Even with the new snow not all trails were open, forcing beginner thru expert skiers onto the same trails. We stayed a few hours and split for home (gotta love season passes). Kids skied all day and came home all smiles and ready for a beer.


Hello world!

Starting my new adventure

BelknapBeer is online. This site will be about relaxing, probably with drink in hand, in Belknap County and on Lake Winnipesaukee. My family and I fell in love with the area and and the friendly people who live and vacation here. We bought a boat and made friends. Built a house and met great neighbors. Now its time to relax, try new things and make lasting memories at Camp Carpe Diem and MVYC. I’m not sure how it will turn out. No commentary on my grammar please. Just sit back, grab a beer and enjoy!


Closing day BBQ. Quarter mile trek up hill through three feet of snow. I was exhausted. Burgers, dogs and champagne never tasted so good.